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DX Test – Behind The Scenes Of Iconic Movies From The 1990s

Look at us, revisiting these ’90s movies and getting nostalgic about movies about nostalgia. The never-ending cycle continues and grows ever more incepted.

Star Wars: Episode 1 — The Phantom Menace

This behind-the-scenes photo is from an unproduced “Star Wars” movie called “The Phantom Menace.” It was actually a prequel to the “Star Wars” trilogy we all know and love. They spent almost $120 million on the project, but the end result was so bad that George Lucas demanded it never see the light of day. The film’s release was canceled, and all prints were destroyed. All that remains are a few behind-the-scenes images, like this one, of characters who will forever remain mysterious to anyone who didn’t work on the film.

Pulp Fiction

“Now, Uma, when we film this dance contest scene, can you take off your shoes?”
“After Ed Sullivan tells you to take it away, but before the Chuck Berry song plays, can you, uh, slip off your shoes and dance barefoot?”
“I think it’ll inform Mia’s character.”
“You promised me. When we did the scene at the house, you promised I wouldn’t have to do that in any other scenes.”
“Just this one other one, though. I really think it’ll inform Mia’s character.”
“Just, I really think it’ll make the dancing pop if we can see your feet.”
“Well, what about John?”
“Will he be barefoot too?”
“Ew, what? Ew, no.”
“Why not?”
“Why would anyone want to see John’s feet?”
“Because it’ll make the dancing pop.”
“No, you don’t get it.”
“I’ll take off my shoes if John takes off his shoes too.”
“I don’t think seeing John’s feet will make the scene pop.”
“Explain to me why I should be barefoot in the dance contest but John shouldn’t be.”
“Uma, please just trust me about this.”
“If John wears shoes, I want to wear shoes.”
“OK, what if John takes off his shoes but not his socks? Then can I see your toes?”
“Oh, come on. OK, fine. Fine.”