Sony Announces Film for Spider-Man Villain Kraven the Hunter

Matthew Loffhagen

Sony Pictures, ever a studio that refuses to abide by any form of logic, has announced a movie about Kraven the Hunter.

If you don’t know who Kraven the Hunter is, allow me to explain. He’s a guy who wears a dumb lionskin jacket while hunting various dangerous animals. Every now and then, he hunts Spider-Man.

Kraven is not exactly Doctor Octopus. He’s hardly a villain that in any way rivals Spidey. His “powers” simply boil down to being good at smelling scent trails and lifting heavy objects.

Put simply: Kraven the Hunter is not a top-tier supervillain.

I have to admire Sony’s enthusiasm for building their Sinister Six comic book movie universe.

It’s very clear now that the studio is looking to put into play an “Avengers” style comic book team-up movie starring a series of supervillains.

“Venom” hasn’t even been released yet, but already Sony has announced “Silver and Black”, “Morbius”, “Silk”, and now “Kraven the Hunter”. The studio must really think that “Venom” is a cracking film if they expect it to be their “Iron Man”, kicking off a shared universe this big.

Of all the films that Sony has announced, the only one that I think has merit is “Silver and Black”, and even then, I’d have preferred if the movie focused solely on Black Cat rather than squeezing D-lister Silver Sable into the story as well.